If you are in a bind, and are looking for a quick place to get cash for junk vehicles in Rosedale, Maryland… than look no further! We here at Junk Car Rosedale want to pay you the most cash for your vehicle and will send a tow truck to come and get it. Put us to the test. Give us a call and see what we can do for you, or fill out your info for an online quote. We are the most professional company in the business. Our reputation is everything to us. We are not just a fly by night company like 99% of the car buyers.

We have been around and we are the #1 buyer in Maryland. That’s why you can trust us to give you exactly what we say we will give you. There is no need to worry about us quoting you a price over the phone, and then trying to haggle you down when we see you in person. We make it extremely easy for you. First you just need to give us a call, or get an online quote. Then, if the price that we quoted you works for you, we will set up a time to come and get your car, or junk truck. We are very flexible so we work around your schedule.

Then when it comes time for your car to be picked up, one of our tow trucks will show up to your house and pay your for your car. Then they will hook up your old scrapper and haul it out. The whole process is super fast and usually only takes 5 minutes. Its the easiest sale you have ever had to deal with. We always stick to our word, and we guarantee to beat out any other quote that any other company quoted you. The reason we are able to pay out more than any other company in the northwest is because we have the best and most streamlined process for dealing with each and every individual car as it comes in.

We also deal in huge volume so that helps us in paying top dollar also. Customer satisfaction is what we aim for. We want to do our best in making sure that every customer walks away happy so that they recommend us to their friends. That’s how we have gotten this far, and that’s whats going to continue to get us even further.

Our competitors can be pretty sneaky in this business.  Imagine a car you own, that you really enjoy to drive; all of a sudden it shuts off on you leaving you to have to junk the vehicle.  You call around and you get in contact with somebody who gave you a real nice quote, right over the phone.  You get excited and you agree to it, they come out and look over you vehicle and tell you it is not what they thought it was and they would have to reduce the price by a couple hundred dollars. Don’t fall for this scam.  We are a trusted company.

Call us today and find out how cool we are.

(410) 793-7218

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