Are you looking for a place to scrap your car in Baltimore? Well then you have come to the right place! Welcome to Junk Car Baltimore, where we send a tow truck to your house and pay you cash for your scrap vehicle. It doesn’t matter if your vehicle is trashed, wrecked, junk, rusty, or whatever. We pretty much will take almost anything.

When you call us, we will give you a price quote over the phone of what we can pay you for you car/truck. Then we will schedule a pickup with you so that you know when we will be coming out to meet you for the vehicle. When the scheduled time comes we will give you a “heads up” phone call so that you know we are on our way.

Scrap Your Car In Baltimore

Scrap That Clunker!

When we get there, you will point out to us the evil car that you want to scrap. Then we will have a piece of paper for you to sign. After you sign it, we hand you cold, hard, green, yummy cash. Everyone breaks out dancing and we throw a huge celebration. All the neighbors come out from hiding and congratulates you on your great achievement of scrapping your car. Its a beautiful moment in history. There is laughing, crying, and so so so much joy. Its the start of your new scrap free life.

So whenever you think that you may want to scrap your car in Baltimore, or a friend at work talks to you about a car that they need to get rid of…you can give them the gift, the gift from us to them, free removal of their car and money that they can use for whatever they like.  There is one thing that I can promise you, we are a company that makes scrap vehicle dreams come true.

Have you ever had a dream that you wished would never end, as a matter of fact you stay in bed, trying to get back to sleep because you never wanted to wake up from the dream in the first place.  When you have to get up and you haven’t made it back to sleep yet, you get sad.

Well, what if I told you that your dream, that happiness you felt when you are in your dream could/would never go away.  You could live in that happiness forever.  If you call us today, we could give you that happiness back.  You will feel like you are in a dream, but, the truth is you aren’t.  That is what we bring.

You can call us anytime, if no one answers then just leave some details about you and your car. We will call back ASAP and make sure you get taken care of. You can also get an awesome free online quote. You can get a call, txt, or email. You choose how you would like us to send your quote to you. Its amazing and fun.

Call us today! We are super fun.

(410) 793-7218

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