Removing that Junk Vehicle in Baltimore


If you want to remove your junk vehicle in Baltimore give us a call… The B&O Railroad, founded in 1953, is one of the nineteenth century’s most notable locomotives. The B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore, named after the famous railroad, pays tribute to a form of transportation that is now considered secondary to the automotive revolution of cars, trucks, and sports utility vehicles (SUVs).


Although American transportation has come a long way since the time of the locomotive, we have not forgotten its value: to put customers on the right “track,” headed to their destinations—and their destinies.


We are a junk place located in Baltimore, we share the same vision as the B&O Railroad: to put people on the right track that takes them to their destinations and destinies. Because we share this railroad vision, we aim to provide resources on removing your car.
First, before we remove your vehicle off of your property, you must remove the junk out of it. It would be perilous to maintain your possessions in the car, only for those possessions to be confiscated and given to others because you neglected to remove them. Possessions like CDs, CD players, floor mats, baseball caps, tapes, old receipts you may need (that you have in the car pocket), as well as mail and other possessions that may be in the floor of the car (or in the back pocket of the passenger car seat, for example) should be removed before the vehicle gets towed.

Remove Junk Car Baltimore

Remove that Clunker!


How do we remove your car? We remove your vehicle by towing. When you call us and express your interest to sell your car, we take down some information (to decide what price to pay you), as well as the date we can come by and tow your vehicle. Before we leave, however, we place the cash in your hands. We drive off of your property with the car, and you wave proudly, staring at your cash!


Why is it necessary to remove your car? You should remove your car because of all the damage it does to your yard to sit and do nothing. Think about it: the longer the car sits on the grass, the more damaging to the grass it is. It stifles the grass and prevents the grass from growing due to the liquids the car is leaking out. It also allows bugs and insects to crawl inside the car, hiding in whatever components they can. Dogs, cats, and other animals can crawl under the car and hide virtually undetected. Any cars that are abandoned can shelter things that you don’t want to shelter.


Our goal here is to remove your car and provide you with a fair cash amount for your junk metal. We work hard to offer you the best because without you, there would be no “us.” Give us a chance to continue to serve you: come on down and visit us today, where we aim to put you on the right track.

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