Call us when you are looking for someone that does car removal in and around Rosedale, Maryland. When you call us we will give you a quote on what we can pay you, and if you agree, we will send a tow truck with payment. We can usually send a tow truck that same exact day.

If you don’t have the title to the car / truck, that is okay. We have all the licenses it requires to take the car out of your hands and off of your property, legally. It’s just that its an extra process for us and it costs us more money than normal. So if you don’t have the vehicle title, then we wont be able to pay you as much money for your car when we come to perform the removal.

“We are a trusted reliable company”

Junk Car Removal Rosedale

We are the best in business in vehicle removal. Call us for a free quote and find out why!

Almost everyone who calls us says that they are going to shop around a little more to see what other people will pay them, and then they always end up calling us back. They find out that we almost always pay the most for vehicles, and if we cant, then we try to find someone who will.

We have a large circle of car buyers that all do different things with cars. Some of them turn it into scrap metal, some of them rebuild them to resell them. Some remove the parts to sell the parts, and some just like projects. So after we find out about your car, we will tell you how much we will pay for it…but if we think we know someone who will pay you more, then we try to track down a higher payer. We are your friend in the junk removal industry.

We do offer the most money paid out to the customers and we are also a company who is rated #1.

We are very legit and honest.  Some other companies, they operate under fake names and they will offer you a high price over the phone and make it sound really nice to you so that you will want them to buy your vehicle.  It’s like if the ice cream man is talking up his ice cream, but then gives you an ice cream that you didn’t really want.  You know how bummed you would be.  The ice cream symbolizes the money, where as the ice cream man symbolizes the junk vehicle buyer.

You can’t trust everybody you talk to unless they can guarantee the quote for you.  However, in today’s society of business and different company practices, they don’t always play fair.  So you have to try and make them play fair by asking them if they guarantee the quote, like I said if they can’t guarantee it, run far…. far away, because they have no intention of paying you what they originally said.  That isn’t fair to you.

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