We are the best place to call when you need to junk a car. Look up the phrase “junk a car” on Google search, and you will find that every major car company uses the phrase. What is the fascination with this phrase?

To junk a car means to declare the car unusable and appreciate the car for its car parts. Often, the parts (if in good condition) are used for other cars to help car manufacturers restore cars and place them back on the road. We like to think that cars can be reused and repaired.

Lord Baltimore, for whom the city of Baltimore, Maryland was named, received a bit of land from the King as one of the Lord’s Proprietors, and he was to survey the land and cultivate it. As such, he did, and the city has become a thriving one ever since.

Junk A Car Baltimore

Though Baltimore was a man of renown in his time, the colony of Baltimore was not so renown at first. Maryland became a place for religious freedom, where Catholics could go to practice their beliefs without persecution. Catholicism was a symbol religious practice of the Old England Country, where King Charles I had reared his ugly head on the American Colonies. Americans, who had been “Protestant” by nature, protested Catholicism upon being granted their freedom in the thirteen colonies. Whereas Protestants were unwanted in England, so now Catholics were unwanted in America. The reversal of fortunes was happening.

We want you to think of us as a “safe haven” for buying and selling your cars. We live in a world today where so many people want to get more than they pay. So many car manufacturers want to overcharge you but pay less to fix up a vehicle. Body shops will often charge you lots for mechanic work while neglecting the task of repairing your car. Usually, mechanics shops take days if not weeks to fix your vehicle—all the while, charging you for more time worked. The truth is, many shops want something for nothing.

We are not like that. We want to be of aid in any way we can in the car process. And we want to be fair: we want to see to it that you get the most for your car, that you are treated like a quality customer. We have learned throughout our time in the car business that how we treat our customers determine how far we rise or fall. Most companies have yet to figure this out, since they continue to cheat their customers by the thousands.

We will not scam you. We realize the futility of trying to cheat the customers who keep our business running. We will also not bulldoze you into accepting prices or agreeing to things you do not want to. And, lastly, we realize that you could do business with lots of other car companies and be happy with that decision. However, we think that you should come see us because our prices are the best in town. For car buyers, we have a selection unlike anyone else around. For car sellers, we will pay top dollar for your vehicle.

Getting rid of your vehicle involves three things: (1) removing items and accessories from the vehicle, (2) returning car registration to the DMV and car tower, and (3) selling your car to a company that scraps vehicle. If you sell your car to a local body shop, the shop will not pay top dollar. To them, your car is just one of millions they see on their lot every day. To a car company, however, cars are everything—the livelihood of a junk vehicle company. As such, junk companies think of junk automobiles like humans think of oxygen: without it, we cannot survive and thrive.

We recommend, therefore, that you junk your vehicle with us. We value the business that other car companies provide, and we will not try to misrepresent them. We simply believe that we have the best prices and that you will be more pleased to junk your clunker with us than with them. Our goal here is to give you the most cash and remove your vehicle for free and get returning customers out of it, not to car sellers!

Baltimore has always been a safe haven for religious freedom; and today, it has not changed. We want to be a safe haven for folks who really want a great deal on their cars. We live in a world surrounded by money-hungry sharks who simply want to squeeze the life out of you, and we want you to find comfort and shelter with our car company. Let us “bring you in from the bitter cold,” get you something warm to drink, and protect you from the dangerous car companies outside. We will do what we can to protect you if you come seek us for the best car prices around.

Our doors are always open, and we are always on standby to receive you warmly. If you’re in the Baltimore area, stop on down to seek shelter with us—the safe haven for scrap car customers.

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