How to Junk a Car in Baltimore


You might be wondering How to Junk your Car in Baltimore, well we realize that in order to help our customers, we have to empower our customers to help us. For many individuals, this means that we must inform you regarding junking your car. There are just a few steps you can take to junk your vehicle.


First, to learn how to junk that funk, remove all valued possessions from the vehicle. Flashlights, old wallets, pairs of shoes, shirts, baseball caps, CDs, cassette tapes, and other musical accessories must be removed. Car accessories such as steering wheel

How to Junk a Car Baltimore

How to Junk a Car in Baltimore

covers, floor mats, Velcro car seat attachments, and car deodorizers must also be removed. Look in your car pocket for papers such as the car deed and other papers you may have in your car pocket. Anything from nail clippers, to makeup and lipstick, perfume and cologne, old envelopes, etc., must be removed from the vehicle. Be sure to double-check your vehicle for any electronic devices, such as Blackberrys, PDAs, IPods, IPads, and the like. Any form of technological instruments that are left in the car will be valuable to someone other than you, should they remain when the car is towed to a body or car shop.


The next step in learning how to junk your scrap vehicle is to return the license tag to the division of motor vehicles location that is closest to you, and turn in the car title to the car tower.


The last step in learning how to junk your vehicle involves calling a junking business to sell your vehicle to. Chances are, if you’ve invested so much into your vehicle, you will not simply give it away for free. Nor do we advise you to do this. We believe that you should be paid for your vehicle. No matter how beat up, old, or battered your car is, it’s still an automobile that deserves the dignity of a sale price. We aim to pay you exactly what your car is worth—not less.

That’s why we stand out from the rest: because we believe in a fair trade. If we believe your car is valuable, we should be willing to pay top dollar for it. Your car is as important (if not more) than a Babe Ruth baseball collector’s card, and we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is to buy your car and give you a great cash amount in return.


Getting your vehicle off your property and out of your hair forever, involves cooperation with a junk vehicle business. Whoever gets the fortune of acquiring your car should be fair, honest, and up front about the purchase. We provide this honesty. We want you to know that how you decide to junk your automobile is everything. It can make the difference between spending money and no money at all. If you have any questions about scrapping your junker, please feel free to come on down and see us—we empower you to help us by helping you.

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