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Auto Salvage Baltimore

It’s What We Do

We aren’t a complicated company, in fact, we live to make things as simple as possible for people just like you. Being an auto salvage Baltimore business means if you are looking to junk your vehicle, recycle it to save the environment then you came to the right place.

auto salvage Baltimore

We have been in business for many years, and with your help, we know we will be in business for many more. Our prompt service, honest prices, and kindhearted employees is the mainframe of our company. Our customers are what keep our company stable and running like a freshly oiled locomotive. Without you, we would be nothing. For that, we thank you greatly!

We are a local company that prides in not only helping out our local fellow men, but also help stabilize our local economy. We keep all of our business within the city limits of Baltimore. We don’t order parts from other countries, everything we purchase from the lunches we eat, to the tools we store in our trucks are always purchased right here, locally, in Baltimore, Maryland.

If we have never served you, give us a chance. We guarantee you’ll love us!

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